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As some of you may know I have medical problem which started out of the blue one morning while I was about to shave. It felt just like I had been stabbed through my right lung(not that I really know what that feels like) It turned out that my lung had collapsed and after a couple of weeks in a couple of hospitals it was finally fully re-inflated. BUT the pain (pains) I have been left with have never went away and in some ways got worse. Apparently there is nerve damage inside my chest and the actions of chest drains left that lung very tight and painful. It only hurts when I breath or move or sit still or lay down or be conscious !

I have had to accept this now and live with constant pain and constant pain killers( they don't kill pain) but I have not given up and I have made the best of it and I focused myself on studying and photographing nature and, for some critters trying to save them. I have to walk slowly and stop very often so as not to increase my breathing and pain so I notice much more of what is around me and this has enabled me to build a good knowledge of the flora and fauna of Great Britain.

So my life now revolves around wildlife and especially red squirrel conservation and bat work, both of which take up the vast amount of my time and the desire to learn more and more about the natural world is stronger for me than ever- its funny how a bad thing like a lung collapsing can so radically change your life and dump you on a much better (albeit painful) road through life.


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