a wild red squirrel who is used to humans and likes treats320 views
Near Shap298 views
Baby red squirrel324 viewsafter eating and just before sleep !
Baby red squirrel305 viewsabout to be fed.
Baby red squirrel294 viewsdinner time
Baby red squirrel299 viewstwo of the three rescued babies.
Baby red squirrel294 viewsrescued baby 2011
Baby red squirrel302 viewsone or three rescued baby reds being raised in captivity by ex vet and squirrel expert Bob Bradley after being attacked by a predator and the being pulled from the drey, it thought the mother was killed and one had bite marks. Culprits include pine martin and stoat but far more likely is domestic cat, the drey was only around 12 feet high. They will be released when ready.
Red squirrel310 viewsa shame about the leaf and shrubbery between me an the squirrel.
Red squirrel306 viewsNear Witherslack, October 2010.
Not a very good photo but I have been working very hard to keep these from disappearing and to get them to spread back to the deciduous woods they lived in before the Greys pushed them out so any photo of one is good to me.
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